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Corrosion Protection

Avoidance of galvanic corrosion which can be a problem when aluminium is in contact with certain other metal in a corrosive atmosphere.

Avoidance of crevice corrosion which might occur when corrosive salts, soot, dirt or sand can be driven into crevices, overlaps or interfaces of which the aluminium sheeting forms a part.

Design Versatility

Aluminium corrugated sheets can be curved or bull nosed, smooth curving, Outstanding durability, with high performance, simple and fast installation by trained personnel, wide selection of colours, a range of gauges, shapes and profile options.


Aluminium corrugated sheet has a built-in corrosion resistance. It can stand unprotected where it is subject to the aggressive elements, Aluminium roofing sheet is age resistance and non-sensitive to UV rails, Durable and versatile. Little or no maintenance required. Exceptional spanning capabilities. High residual value. Recyclability. Low cost over life of building.

Environmental Friendly

Five Stars Roofing Tiles is the supplier of aluminium-specific roofing systems that provide aesthetics pleasing and structural integrity. Five Stars Roofing Tiles standing seam roofing system is designed specifically to compliment the durable and cost effective properties of aluminium. Smooth curving and on site tapering, extreme resistance to wind uplift and excellent thermal properties are few key benefits of the superior. weatherproof roofing solutions.


All products have the same finish that is: Mill finish in its natural sense. Aluminium corrugated sheet can be surface treated in a range of colour tech G4 and colour Tech PVDF wide rand of colours. Stucco Embossed


Aluminium corrugated sheet has excellent formability. It can be rolled, bent, pressed, die cast, roll formed, anodized etc.


Performance under fire, aluminium roof sheeting is non-combustible and non flammable. Natural non corrosive resistance. Aluminium roof sheeting has a higher resistance to denting than other metal due to its greater energy absorption properties and high strength, it will not shatter or rapture when hit by hail stones